Yeni Guneshli 1


We offer 1, 2 and 3 roomed apartments with different sizes in a residential complex built on the Gunashli plateau, one of the most beautiful corners of our city, selected by the cleanliness of the air. It takes 10 minutes by car from our buildings located in Surakhani district, residential area of "Yeni Gunashli" settlement to subway stations Ahmadli and Khalglar Dostlugu. And the new subway station will be put into operation nearby the complex.

There is a wonderful view to the sea from the apartments, which gives us a special advantage over our complex. We have created excellent facilities for our customers in these buildings, as in our other buildings. The apartments have been handed over equipped with all the necessary things.

Hurry up and get apartments with sea view!

In construction of this building, high-quality fittings produced in Ukraine and the non-chemical “B-25” concrete were used as in all residential complexes in order to guarantee the seismic safety of the building. The molds that provide its smoothness at the time of the concrete production are from “Peri” company of German. High quality fittings used in construction are produce of Ukrain.

The pipes of the building are the product of the well-known “Firat” brand of Turkey. The cables used for the electric power line of the residential complex are produce of the Turkish "Imkacable" company. The cement "Matanat A" has been used for the walls of the building.

There are generators in the residential complex that provide buildings with uninterrupted electricity. The centralized heating system, which ensures heating of an apartment is produce of Italy's “Immergas” company. Entrance doors are produce of Turkey, and internal doors are Belarusian production.

The floors in the apartments here have bright parquet of Indonesia, and fabric wallpaper is from Italy. All bathroom accessories belong to the Turkish company “E.C.A.”, German-made PVC plastic windows and Spanish-made tiles were also used.

We provide apartments with an Extract (Registration Certificate)!

Centralized digital satellite broadcasting system to provide access to local and foreign TV channels, telephone and internet lines also are available for residents for their comfort.

Building residents will be provided with hot and cold water without any interruption cleaned on special equipment.

A large park with children's entertainment centers, greenery and perennial trees will be available in our residential complex.

Our residents will be able to get directly to their apartments from subway car parking, which ensures car safety with elevators manufactured in Turkey and they will add comfort to your comfort.

The safety of all residential complexes is ensured by continuous protection cameras and guard services. The service of the commandant serves to reduce everyday concerns of the residents.