Close to Metro Neftchilar

A residential complex near the highway, close to subway station Neftchilar started to be built in the 8 february of 2017. 

Near subway station Neftchilar

This residential complex being built in Mahsati Ganjavi 130C, in Nizami district (old adress Rustam Rustamov 20), is not too far from completed secondary school number 109. This will be great for future schoolchildren of the building. You can find near complex park for resting, supermarket and market (8km market) for shopping. 

A 16 floored complex with a spacious yard with a children's playgrounds consisting of greenery and trees will include various shops, catering facilities and kindergarten.
Fittings which used for the construction of flats ready for residency provided with an Extract (Registration Certificate) issued by the State Register of Real Estate is a product of an old factory in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia. We use Ukrainian high quality, non-chemical concrete B-25 concrete in order to ensure earthquake resistance.
The molds used to make the concrete better and smoother belong to Germany's “Peri” company, a European leader.
Buildings will be insulated with stoneware to make the apartments warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Residents will be provided with an Extract (Registration Certificate)

The pipes of the building will be from famous “Firat” brand of Turkey. Plastic PVC windows made of German technology will be used. The central heating system will be installed with the most up-to-date equipment.

Fabric wallpapers in apartments produced in Italy by "Limonta" company with high-quality, bath accessories are produced by Turkey's world-renowned "E.C.A." company will be choosen by personal desire of our residents. Tiles of bathrooms are imported from Spain.

The passenger and freight elevators of the building are produce of Turkey with engines made in Italy by famous “Sicor” company.

Residents will be able directly go up to their apartments from the large car park at the bottom of the building where security is maintained 24 hours a day by the video surveillance system and guard service.